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Cycle day 1 was yesterday and slightly unexpected with a 26 rather than a 28 day cycle. I wanted to write to note the day, but things got a bit busy and I didn’t get a chance.

It was a helluva lot better day than the day before that though. I had to have a blood test to check my TSH (thyroid function) and just had a complete freak out day.

So much for my first post on here, which was only the night before, saying how relaxed and calm I felt about trying to conceive again. Within 24 hours I totally went to pieces. Fortunately it turns out I was very pre-menstrual and I’m not just generally crazy. After a day spent bursting into tears, it wasn’t till about 3pm that I realized what my problem was. I was happy to know I was just hormonal and not insane as well.

The main freak out was that my TSH had spiked to 9.2 in my last test a month ago. My concern was that if the naturopathic supplement I’ve been on for 6wks hasn’t lowered it, then my chance of another MC (miscarriage) is substantially increased. It would be a bitter pill to swallow if all the work I have done on my anti-Thyroid antibodies was going to prevent me from miscarrying at 8 weeks as I have in the past, but then miscarry at 5 weeks as I’m hypo-thyroid. I cried before the blood tests to my mum and partner, I cried all through the blood test as my nurse had had 5 MC’s and so was asking about mine, then I cried in the car when I told my mum how the blood test was, then I cried all the way home thinking about how freaking hard it all is! Oh and there was quite a bit more crying in the evening too when I just felt very sorry for myself lol. A bitch of a day really. A good chat on skype with my best friend, who laughed at my red eyes, helped. And my love’s baked lemon lime cheese cake (low sugar!), with a gingernut base and a plum, boysenberry, cinnamon and red wine compote helped also.

When the blood test results came back it turns out that my TSH has reduced to 8.7, not enough to be okay, but on the right track. So yesterday I made a quick visit to my lovely GP, who amazingly is happy to just take my naturopath’s suggestions and send me for the tests or prescriptions she advises. He said he was really pleased with the reduction in my antibodies and the reversal of the TSH rising, and said the naturopath must know what she is doing, which was awesome to hear from a mainstream doctor. He was happy to prescribe thyroxine (a ‘proper’ drug), to attempt to quickly bring my thyroid functioning up to normal.

This was followed by a phone consult with my naturopath who set my mind at rest about my other concern. Which was – if the thyroxine didn’t take effect for 4-6 weeks (minimum), where did that leave me in terms of having a healthy thyroid for fetal development, and should I wait another month before TTC. To my relief she explained that in relation to fetal development, the high TSH flags that my selenium and iodine supplies are low (and that’s the part that’s essential for fetal development).

But as she had already anticipated that, the supplement I have been on has been loading me with good doses of both those things. So although more than a month ago my thyroid did it’s own little freak out at having no iodine or selenium, (as I’d just done a intense 3 month detox to flush my system), by the time it had realised that it was low, we’d already started adding those things back in. She says what I have already stockpiled, combined with what I will continue to take will mean all the essential ‘building blocks’ for fetal development will be in place, regardless of what my TSH is measuring right now.

So phew! I am now excited about it being CD 2 and I’m ready for this attempt next week! Perhaps this will be my last period for a while…

I’m off to see a specialist tomorrow about a treatment called a Lipiodol Flush. So I guess I’ll update about that next time.

Here’s a picture of my celebratory rice milk piña colada smoothie at my favourite local vegan cafe – yum.