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The question = What do a gynecologist, an accupuncturist, a naturopath, a Maori healer, a doctor and a dentist have in common?

Well actually the Maori healer doesn’t have any of our money as she is a friend, but the rest of the professionals on the list gained a lot of income from us this week!

What a manic and costly few days it has been. Starting with that email from my naturopath, (the lovely Whakaora), to make the recommendation for thyroxine to a last minute visit to our GP (NZ term for general practitioner aka family doctor – but let’s call him Takuta from now on). Thank goodness the subsidized script was only $3 as the rest if the week went rapidly downhill money wise!

Accupuncture was great on Thursday with my lovely practitioner (and now friend) let’s call her Ngira, but it’s another weekly expense and costs even more when I add in the fact that it’s over an hours drive each way to see her. However my pulses are feeling good and I’m booked in for a pre / post insemination session next Thursday.

We had a great catch up with my friend Aroha who is probably the highest ranked Maori traditional healer in the country, and her man (aka Hawaii) who is a traditional Hawaiian healer. We discussed the timing of the insems from a traditional / spiritual perspective and have their blessing on the timing and my feeling of wellness and readiness. A nice additional bonus to hear. We’ve booked a time on Thursday to do a session with them and with our donor. (They do something a little similar to Reiki if I was to explain it simply.)

Then Thursday night we went to see a gynecologist (the first time I’d ever been to one!). He was most impressed with our success in getting hapu (pregnant) thus far and made me feel very happy when he said I was obviously extremely fertile.

We were there to find out if he would carry out a Lipiodol flush for me. It’s a new(ish) but well researched treatment that involves them flushing your uterus and Fallopian tubes with poppy seed oil! (My hippy father reckons the resulting baby will come out completely stoned hehe). It is more commonly used for women with endometriosis as it apparently coats the tubes making them more conducive to the egg travelling easily and also creates a great environment in the uterus for the fertilised egg to implant successfully. Research shows a significantly increased rate of pregnancy for the 3mths following treatment and long lasting effects for 6-12mths. My naturopath has a theory that, (as well as increasing my chances of a successful implantation), the treatment may help to stop my thyroid antibodies attacking the fetus as the lining of oil seems to inhibit the antibodies. This hasn’t been measured in the research on the treatment, but she has had many successful cases with it possibly ‘helping’ women with a history of antibody related MC like me. I was a bit of an unusual case for the gyne though, as I have refused the (usually mandatory) HSG first. This is because I’m not keen on the chemical dye being forced through my uterus, nor the associated xrays and also you cannot attempt to conceive that cycle and we don’t want to miss a month. But after hearing how much I have researched his treatment so was well informed about the risks, and that I have had 2 pregnancies recently already so my tubes should be clear, he’s agreed to go ahead with it.

So I’m booked in for the treatment next Tuesday at 9am, for which the lovely gyne had to move appointments to fit me in as I only had the one day available before ovulation that he was also free. It will be approximately $1300, but if it will help my chances…you all know the drill.

Speaking of drills – I also went to the dentist and had three fillings as I wanted everything sorted before ovulation next week. So another $500 down the drain there!

Thank goodness it is the weekend now, so no more coordinating appointments, poking, prodding or shelling out $$$$$.

To tell you the truth, the most stressful thing is the logistical nightmare of timing all the treatments and practitioners. What with all of their busy and conflicting schedules plus my non-negotiable but also potentially unreliable ovulation schedule, it’s such a freaking headache!

PS- by this time next week (Fri night here in NZ), I will be all ready for a very healthy egg to come dancing down my freshly lubed tubes lol. Expecting ovulation on Sunday (day 13), so will be doing insems on Thu, Fri, Sat most likely.

PPS- I found out on Wednesday that one of my best friends has accidentally fallen pregnant to some new guy. I’m happy for her as she really wanted a third child as her two boys are nearly grown now, but oh man, if only it was that bloody easy!

**NB – This page has been amended to use all my lovely new Maori language pseudonyms for people – please refer to the page ‘Cast of Characters’ for an explanation!