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Well I am now in possession of a freshly bathed uterus and lubed up Fallopian tubes. This is courtesy of a fertility treatment called a Lipoidol Flush also known as a L.U.B.E lol! (Lipoidol Uterine Bathing Effect).

It wasn’t the most pleasant experience when they introduced the dye to the Fallopian tubes, I had no problems with it going into the uterus though, but pretty crampy for the tubes.
However if it helps with getting that quick BFP and especially if it helps to inhibit / suppress the antibodies, I’ll be super happy.

The lovely specialist who did the treatment was great explaining the X-rays afterwards and was happy that it all went well. He seemed to become slightly flustered at the end though…he mentioned that should we need IUI or IVF at any point, he provided those services. I thanked him and said although I didn’t think we needed that help, if I was to choose anyone to inseminate me, it would be him. My wife cracked up and the poor doctor blushed, laughed, ahem-ed a bit then thanked me LOL.

It’s true though, how often do you find a mainstream method gynecologist who respects the natural treatment and practitioners you are working with? Not many in my experience, so if we did have to have IUI or IVF I would pick him!

I’m off to bed now…depending on my signs, we may inseminate tomorrow night (Wed) or sometime on Thu…it’s getting really close.