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An additional bonus update… I currently have a zillion or so, (not scientific data), potential future babies hopefully swimming in the correct direction right now.

After my LUBE (hehe) the other day, the doctor announced that I had experienced “preferential filling” of my right Fallopian tube. And right just instinctively feels right for this ovulation.

So today after a few minutes of keeping my legs elevated, I turned and lay on my right side as felt like perhaps I should preferentially fill that tube.

But then I worried – what if the egg decided to come down the left tube this month, and just met the one lost reject sperm who had mistakenly swum in the opposite direction to all the fast, bright ones with a good sense of direction.

After voicing my concerns, (of course with the appropriate voices utilised for best effect), to my wife, I did a quick roll to the left side as well. Can’t have our lucky lady egg all prepped and gorgeous to only find one lost bedraggled suitor on tap can we now?

Expecting said lady egg to make her appearance on Sunday (it’s Thursday night here now), so plenty of time for our additional ‘party invitees’ to make their appearance between then and now. It’s my wife’s brothers least favourite time of the month methinks. He’s ‘flying a lot of kites’.