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This is not (just) a test to see how many people click into this blog purely for the salacious title. (Although I am curious after watching the spike in views of the Bondage & Submission post compared with all other posts – you old pervs!)

I have a technical issue / question which relates to the fact that I created another blog first using this account. It’s called ‘making love with food‘** and is a cooking blog that the wife and I plan to share, as we love to cook and constantly get asked for our recipes. Plus I thought it might be a nice way to chronicle our love story so I am probably going to incorporate that somehow in my writing.

Anyway, I’d really just secured the name and haven’t written any posts other than an intro and posting some pics. Then I decided to finally pull finger and start this blog. I figured I needed this one more emotionally!

But now I’ve realized that if anyone goes to that blog and clicks on my profile, this blog will be linked. I want to share the cooking blog with friends, family and acquaintances, but keep this one secret from them (in case I want to vent lol).

Is there some way to unlink the two blogs without losing my other blog name? I could delete it and start again, but I would like to retain the name as it took me a while to come up with it (as cheesy as it is).

Any suggestions gladly appreciated as trying to find a solution on WordPress is, (for me as a total newbie), rather tricky.

And as for the spelling. I thought I should note, as many of my viewers seem to be US based, that here in New Zealand (or Aotearoa) as we call it, we freely use a mix of US and English spelling. So if I spell it gynecology one day and gynaecology the next – that’s allowed! As are favor and favour, or fetus and foetus. Just so you know that I can spell correctly and do care 😉

Finally, I may use the odd bit of Maori language in here, I’ll translate, but I hope you’ll consider it good for your brains to be learning a new language. Sometimes the way I think about things just needs to be expressed in Maori first and foremost. Hope that’s okay with y’all. (See I can speak ah-meri-khan too!) Perhaps I’ll make a glossary and that way I can teach you some great Kiwi colloquialisms also.

Last of all, to reward you for making it this far, here’s a picture of my wife making love to me with food. Well actually it’s a picture of (a previously mentioned) baked lemon lime cheesecake with a gingernut base and a plum, boysenberry, cinnamon & red wine compote. She made it for me. With love. And she’s all mine!


**Edited to include the link to the foodie blog now that I’ve got sorted and have that all underway.