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Well we’re in! Finally. The Two Week Wait is upon us 🙂 All my signs show ovulation should be today/tonight and when I checked fertility friend (which I use to chart), it’s saying my most fertile days were Thu, Fri & Sat. And guess which days these clever ladies picked to do our insems? Yep – those three days. All these months of rigorously charting seem to have have paid off. It could be that I ovulate after 36 hrs rather than 24, but our last insem will still be good for that. Plus I most often ovulate on day 13, so it’s looking likely.

I’m still feeling remarkably zen which is an exceedingly pleasant surprise. It may be related to the beautiful Buddhist themed meditation music I’ve played after each insem. I’m intending to do that each morning before I get up, to help set my mood for the day. If it keeps me feeling this relaxed I’m all for it.

In fact we felt so calm and confident that we’ve already got it covered that we chose not to try again this morning once we got our positive OPK (and a near positive late last night). That’s a rare decision for me to make, I usually am all desperate and want to try as many times as we can till I’m sure I’ve ovulated. I feel like this cycle is a bonus round as I was prepared to forgo it if my naturopath thought my TSH was going to be an issue. So I figure, we did our best and if its meant to be this time, it will be.

Now we just have to pray and hope and wish and cross all appendages and not think too hard and not stress etc…and …wait…patiently. Luckily for me, (as I have short & regular cycles), with the last two pregnancies I got a positive HPT at 11dpo, so I reckon on Friday the 9th we might just get a BFP if we are so lucky to be blessed this cycle.

Don’t wish us good luck though. I grew up as the daughter of a fisherman, so instead of good luck, we always said ‘Good Fishing’ and you know, the words seem to be apt in most situations you might want things to go your way.

So please wish us Good Fishing as we enter this TWW hoping that this time the ‘big one’ won’t get away. (And do comment if you would be so kind, so I know you are sending your fuzzy vibes our way!)


My beautifully peaceful garden view as I (calmly) sat in the sun having brunch with my darling this morning.