I was in the shower this morning (don’t worry I’m not about to launch into a TMI story!) and I was thinking / analysing in great detail my current attempt at TTC and how things were feeling really positive. I had the line ‘Conditions are perfect’ running through my head. So that progressed to the few lines that I could remember from a hilarious song called ‘Business Time’ by NZ comedy duo F light of the Con chords. Perhaps some of you from the US will know it as they had a series on HBO for a while a couple of years back?

Anyway- here’s ‘Business Time’ for your viewing / listening pleasure. Enjoy.


If you liked it (and have a quirky sense of humour) – try looking up ‘hiphopapotamus vs rhymenocerous’ on youtube and I recommend the clip where they are seated on a stage rather than the music video one.