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A lacklustre update as I’m not much in the mood for writing.

Things were looking very hopeful with consistently high temps immediately post ovulation, bouts of starving-ness, irritability and being really tired. All usual signs of pregnancy for me. I had a tiny bit of pink tinged spotting on Thursday morning, 9 dpo, perfect timing for implantation, and that really got me feeling like it was happening this time.

Then Friday morning I woke to a low temperature but took it early and had thrown off my covers during night and thought it must be wrong. So we were still feeling good about it on Friday night until I went to loo about 10.30pm and had a little red blood.

I decided not to test on Saturday if my temp dropped considerably, and it did so I didn’t test.

I have had practically no blood since and what little there was, was dark brown. But with that temp drop and a drop by another 1/2 a degree this morning, I guess CD1 will probably be today or tomorrow. CD1 started today. Bummer. Thank goodness I have short cycles so we’ll be trying again in around 10 days.

Ahhh well, it was my ‘bonus round’, as I thought my naturopath might get me to skip trying as my TSH was still high 3 weeks before trying. But I kind of wish I hadn’t had the spotting on Thursday as that really did get me feeling like I must be pregnant.

The research on the Lipoidol Flush treatment says your chances of successful implantation are best in the 2nd cycle after it, so hopefully that will have an effect this next attempt.

Poor Manaaki will have to get psyched up for another round of donations! 4 more tries before he has to go home.

And on an entirely different note: after experiencing this on Friday…if you ever tip boiling hot fudge on your arm, make sure you start scrubbing the burning fudge off your arm as soon as it’s under the cold water as if it sets you will be in major trouble! I fortunately had my fast thinking level headed wife beside me when I tipped a pot of fudge fresh off the boil all over my wrist/arm/hand. I was in major pain and trying to get her to stop scratching the fudge off as it was stuck in my arm hairs and pulling at the burnt skin. But as soon as it was off and I realized how terrible it would have been if it had set on my arm I was incredibly grateful to her. I have a horribly blistered and burnt arm with some patches of missing skin, but it would have been a trip to the hospital if she hadn’t got it off. Plus apparently the sugar and butter in it keeps burning your skin while it’s on there. I shudder to think what state my arm would have been in if she wasn’t there. No picture for this one as it’s too hideous.

NB: Title of post changed from- ‘No decent title’ to ‘Doubly burned’ once I got my sense of humour back. (It only took 2 days.)