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I went to the city for my weekly acupuncture session today. For some reason, as a person that has a bit of a phobia about injections and blood tests, I just love acupuncture.

One week after my first miscarriage back in Oct 11, I started going to Ngira and have seen her nearly weekly since then. Apart from a few months when I went infrequently due to our move out of Auckland, uncertainty as to when we’d next try to conceive and a lack of funds.

Ngira has become a dear friend and confidante in our journey – both the excitement of our pregnancies and the devastation of our miscarriages. She has helped me to feel confident in my fertility and also helped to avoid a D&C or the dreaded miso.prostol used to bring on a miscarriage when we found out that our 2nd baby had died.

I swear by acupuncture. I guess one of the main benefits that I can actually really notice is the deep relaxation that I experience during the treatments. That’s important for someone who finds it hard to stop her brain from churning. But I also know that it is helping me be at my optimal best fertility-wise in terms of the work she does with my liver, adrenals, thyroid, blood circulation, low temps and energy balancing.

Today she made me feel even better when she told me that my text on Sunday, to let her know that my hunches were wrong and I wasn’t pregnant, had shocked her. Turns out that when she felt my pulses last Thursday, (and wouldn’t give in to my constant asking ‘can you feel the slippery (pregnancy) pulse’), she felt that my pulses were indeed telling her that I was pregnant. That’s the same day that I had the small amount of spotting and I suddenly, strongly just ‘felt pregnant’.

So the acknowledgement from her that she too felt it makes me feel a little less crazy. With the extreme tiredness I had, the hangriness (getting pissy and a little desperate when I couldn’t eat the second I felt hungry) and the irritability my wife was nobly suffering through weren’t necessarily all in my head. Maybe an egg did fertilise and all the hormones kicked in, only to have that little embryo not be strong enough this time round.

I feel good about that. A little less crazy, and happy that maybe something got started. It makes next time round look even more positive.

Therefore, I’m sending love to the acupuncture needles and love to Ngira for all her help and support.

Who else uses acupuncture and who else suffers from general feelings of insanity when you think you must be pregnant to be acting this freaking weird…and then find out you aren’t?

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