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I know, I know…I’ve been slack! No post for many many days. Last week I took part in the lovely Stirrup Queens ICLW International Comment Leaving Week, for bloggers dealing with infertility, adoption and loss. So I managed to leave 5 comments a day and reply to at least one a day as well. That turned out to be a big feat last week as I had a lot going on…

Namely- TTC cycle number 2. (Or cycle 6 if you count our attempts last time round.)

Basically we stuffed up our timing a little bit as the wife had to go away on business on days 11&12 (I ovulate on day 13 or 14 usually), and as we have a strong spiritual emphasis on how we TTC I didn’t want to do the inseminations without her there. We live 1 & 3/4 of an hour away from the airport, (if you are travelling when there’s no rush hour traffic), and she was booked for a 7am flight.

So our solution was to do one insemination on the morning of day 10, one at 4.30am on day 11, (giving me 30 mins of flat on back time before driving to the airport), then I stayed in the city for accupuncture and at my Grans overnight. Next day the plan was to pick up Toku from the airport off her 6.30pm flight and drive North for an evening insemination…except Manaaki got the dates confused! So he’d organized to be collected at lunchtime to go camping. Argghhh a quick call ‘gently convinced’ him to rearrange, but somehow he still got it wrong and organized his ride for 7pm (when we would still be at the airport). After much searching for other options, his friend decided they would pick him up at 9.30pm and drive back to the city.

So that was all cool…until Toku’s flight was delayed first one hour, then one and a half hours. There was no way we could ask the friend to wait until 11pm to collect him, (as they would have had a 3hr return trip to the city and an early start with their ferry booked for a 7.30am departure the next morning).

The wife and I decided to stretch our already stretched budget and book a hotel for the night so we could stay in the city, his friend could pick him up earlier in the evening and deliver him to the hotel and we’d inseminate there.

Then I realized…that I’d need to get a new syringe as there was no way I was going to get my mother (or Manaaki!) to go to my house and pack the syringe lol!! So it was off to the more interesting part of the city to the needle exchange (a safe haven for junkies to get clean needles for IV drug use). I sauntered in and was like, “Ummmm so I need one about this round and this long…(indicating with my hands)…and you can keep the needle.” Fortunately it’s the kind of place that doesn’t ask questions!

Finally at 10.30pm Toku and Manaaki both arrive. Poor embarrassed Manaaki doesn’t realize that we have formulated a plan to retire to the hotel bar leaving him in privacy in our room…instead he doesn’t even say hello but sights the container and heads straight into the bathroom. Toku and I are trying to get into our shoes and grab money etc saying “No, no, just WAIT we are going out!!” Toku leaves the room shuddering with her shoe laces undone in her haste to exit. I’m laughing and teasing and trying to get my heels on properly. Until Toku tells me to imagine it’s my brother. I stop teasing.

We get to the bar and order drinks and of course he rings to say he’s done already, so Toku grabs her beer and my soda and we return to the room for an awkward hand off! Obviously we’ve done the exchange numerous times before but we have separate cottages and kind of a ritualized hand over that involves text messages and minimal eye contact etc. So the hotel room just threw us all off balance. Then there was the hysterical laughter once he’d gone and the minor issue of some significant spillage due to my giggling fits but that’s just way too much detail to share!

I was a bit bummed that day 11 had minimal lying down time, (as I usually try and do at least 1 hr), and our potentially very small sample on day 13 due to the above incident. The specialist said that the 2nd cycle after the Lipoidol Flush had the highest pregnancy rate, so here’s hoping we still got enough swimmers in the right place at the right time to increase their success rates.

The final part of our adventure at the appropriately named hotel – The Rendezvous was ordering room service at midnight. I wanted pizza as after all that hassle I wanted to remain lying down as long as I possibly could. So pizza seemed to be the best option. Unfortunately it was absolutely disgusting. I don’t know how you could ruin a margarita pizza so badly, it was lying in a pool of congealed cheesy tomato water and was barely heated. Quite overtired by then I took one bite and petulantly threw it back across the bed at the plate (literally). So Toku rang the front desk and told them we wanted to return it. They apologized profusely and offered a fresh one or another item. So we chose an entree of crab cakes with salad. It arrived and looked good. Toku ate one on the way from the door to the bed. I took one bite and then looked at it to ascertain the ingredients. Crumbed like a delicious potato croquette, herbs, pieces of crab and prawn and baked through the centre, a long thick black hair!! I spat my mouthful back out, swore like a true fisherman’s daughter and then dissolved into further fits of 1am-with-no-dinner laughter.

We decided it was time to call it a day and went to sleep. Hairy fritters were not on our menu that evening!

The photo I emailed to the hotel management at 1am. Note my raised knees in the background 😉