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It’s the night before 11dpo and we’ll be testing in the morning. It would be early to get a positive result, but I had one at 11dpo before so I know I won’t be able to resist a try!

I also know that I should’ve resisted testing this morning, but I had a slight temp dip (still way above cover line) and I freaked out as it dipped on the same day last month. I managed to convince myself and Toku that it would be a good idea to do a test as a positive would make everything better. Of course it didn’t!

However I felt better once I overlaid my two pregnancy BBT (temperature) charts with my current month. It turns out that today’s temp is the exact same one as at 10dpo on each of them… Although they both had a slight rise to get there whereas this cycle had a slight dip. Then there is the wee possibility that I predicted ovulation wrong and I’m only on 8dpo not 10dpo today. Ah well, I guess we’ll learn soon enough.

It’s hard to imagine, after the blindingly white empty space on this morning’s test, that there could possibly be even a hint of a 2nd line tomorrow. But we live in hope eh?

I’m going to make a doctors appointment tomorrow for a repeat on my thyroxine and to request a TSH bloodtest, so I’ll probably ask for a HCG test as well in the hope we’ll be needing it.

Night all, please send me warm temperature rising thoughts, continued aching boobs and NOT a drop of blood to show it’s ugly face!!


PS: I saw these beautiful children on the HONY (Human’s of New York) fb page today and reckon they could be a close copy of our future babies!