Today a friend posted the following link on Facebook: Gizoogle It’s a ‘gangster google’ using Snoop Dogg style translations.

So I checked it out and google searched the word ‘pregnancy’. The search results were absolutely hilarious.

Tonight, (with a little free time on my hands), I decided to google the word ‘lesbian’, but it said it was overloaded and did I want to tranzizzle (translate) another site. Why yes I did…

So I typed in my blog address. (Brilliant result is linked below. It summed up my feelings exactly hehe.)

Honestly, you must try this with your own blog. It just does the main page, if you click into an older post it’s not ‘translated’, but the excerpts that are had me nearly in tears. Especially the title of the one about my parents 40th wedding anniversary! Holy moly.

Please, if you are in need of a laugh, and aren’t sensitive about the kind of language that Snoop Dogg uses, then go translate your own blog. Then come tell me your favourite post excerpt and I can check it out.

My blog is here. B-to-tha-L-O-Gizzay

And to translate your own use the tranzizzle option.