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But also, not ‘not yet’, yet. If you know what I mean.

Temperature was a little down this morning but when I plotted it against my two previous preggy charts it’s in the exact same place. So I’m again relieved about that.

The wife told me that, even though I had already peed in a cup, (not an actual cup!) that I have to wait till tomorrow to test. A little mean but I’m actually okay about it so I guess that it must be the right decision.

I’ve just had my weekly accupuncture session with Ngira who said, as enigmatically as ever, that my pulses are good. Smile.

And the final piece of info making me smile, is that my charting app has decided my chart went triphasic at 9dpo (and today I’m on 12dpo). Now that’s not a definite pregnancy sign, except that I’ve only gone clearly triphasic 2 times before…

Please send us Good Fishing thoughts…see this earlier post if you don’t get the fishing reference.

Today’s green spot (and also the purple spot) is underneath the blue spot.