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Had a freak out last night as it’s just so flippin stressful waiting.

I’ve had my hopes up so high after hearing from my specialist and naturopath that the Lipoidol treatment I had has the best impact on the 2nd cycle after it. Which is this cycle. Plus my triphasic chart was looking so good.

Yes, there’s a ‘was’ in there.

We went to bed later than usual at about midnight, and after a few nights of over-heating I wore just a tshirt to bed. I woke at 4am feeling cold and with an upset stomach, not period pains though. I didn’t rise then and eventually went back to sleep. I woke again at 5am and took my temp, which was an hour early and after broken sleep, so it’s possible all those factors could have influenced it. Temp had dropped from 36.8 (Celsius) to 36.56. It’s still above the cover line but argggghh!

Then I did a test and it was definitely negative.

However, I’ve had zero spotting or blood. I’m on day 27 of my cycle and for the last 8 cycles (since my miscarriage) I’ve had either 26 or 27 day cycles, typically with spotting a day or two in advance.

My breasts are still tender, and each day have been less so in the morning then really sore in evening.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe I did ovulate later than I thought and I’m still earlier in the cycle that I think. That would explain the dip as I’d be at day 9 or 10dpo. But if I didn’t ovulate till then and our last insemination was 4 days earlier, that’s a long time for the sperm to have been sitting round drinking cups of tea and waiting. Not impossible though of course and with my first pregnancy we inseminated 3 days before I ovulated…