Dear readers,

I’m getting lots (I think!) of views and many lovely comments. Thank you so much for this, it’s nice to know people are reading…

However, how do I get you to click ‘follow’?! And if it’s not too much trouble, if you have a list of blogs that you follow listed on your site, would you mind adding my blog to it if you like it enough? That’s the main way that I find new blogs to read and I hope it would increase my readership.

Finally, I may start doing some password protected posts, so I have a password. It’s currently already in use on a page of photos I have up called ‘Up Close’. The page can be found by going to the menu bar and it’s linked to under the page ‘Life in Images’. There you will find images of us with faces even! But I’ll only be giving the password out (at my discretion) to regular readers and commenters or people whose blog I follow etc.

If you would like the password email me at pepibebeblogger at g mail please. Definitely put your blog address in the email or I might not know who you are.

Finally, feel free to ask me questions!

Blogging is nice but I love conversations too, so ask away and I’ll endeavour to reply or to blog about what you ask me.

Kia ora (thanks),
PB xx

Come interact with us!

Come interact with us!