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Scrawled notes of my blood test results after talking to the nurse 🙂

My thyroid is back to normal, with a 3.8 reading after spiking to 9 back in September. Thank you Whakaora our naturopath, gluten free diet, homeopathic supplements and a crash course in thyroxine at the last minute. (Yay for a natural health practitioner that brings in the big guns when she feels we need it.)

To top it off, as well as my T3 & T4 being within range too, my foes the Anti-Thyroid Antibodies have dropped considerably as well. When I started my natural treatment plan back in May my antibodies measured at >;;500 and >;;1300 (the next range begins at around >;;2000 I think, so the higher one could potentially have been anywhere up to that range.)

Now they are 259 and 1176! Finally measurable with an exact number and significantly less than before. It’s pretty much impossible to get rid of them, but I’ve at least halved the first one and potentially nearly halved the second one.

I’m so thrilled with that. So now we just need to work out what is stopping me getting hapu (pregnant) now. I have a theory that maybe my lining isn’t thick enough, given that my periods have become incredibly short since my miscarriages. This one was one day of light (which started at midday on Sat), one day of heavy for part of the day, then a day of light and then a little spotting. That doesn’t seem like enough to support a pregnancy. So I’m going to speak about it with Whakaora tomorrow.

Any ideas for thickening up that lining? I think molasses is supposed to work, taken orally I assume 😉

PS: I’m stoked that the blood test results even came in. I had them try two different arms yesterday, after swapping between them 4 times to try and find a cooperative vein. They stuck me, missed, wriggled it around. No go. Swapped to other arm lying then sitting. Stuck me, missed. Wriggled it around, got a vein but it kept closing. She managed to get about 1/3 of a vial, which she didn’t think was enough for the tests so we prioritized which ones I wanted. I drove home traumatized (as I’m needle phobic at the best of times). Then they rung to say the blood had haemo-somethinged (thickened) and they might not be able to use it so could I ‘pop back in’. Argggghh. I said for them to try and I’d go back if I had to. Bloody glad, (see what I did there?), that it worked out okay in the end.

Proof that sometimes the f****d up procedures sometimes produce the best results!