Well that’s the advice that I received from both Ngira and Whakaora yesterday. Fortunately it was not just empty words like ‘If you relax it will happen soon”, but was instead accompanied by some useful analysis and advice on how to achieve that state.

At accupuncture Ngira advised me that my adrenals are pretty elevated (well not those exact words, but that was the general gist of it). So she did a lot of work on that. A bit of an uncomfortable session. She utilised some new treatment methods that she learnt at a seminar in Sydney last week. One of which was putting 4 needles in one small area around some point then placing moxa on my skin and lighting it then removing just before it burnt down to my skin. Exciting times.
She’s given me a hypnotherapy CD to listen to that should help me relax. We discussed the meditation I was doing and I’ve realized I was more meditation on how much I want a baby which is only focusing me more on it, than relaxing my mind. So I’ll try this new CD and see how I go.