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Well another day of anticipating taking a better photo and not doing it lol!

We went to the gorgeous local farmers market and I forgot to take a single picture, then spent a few hours grocery shopping before returning home where I expected to start making our Xmas presents and planned to take a photo of that.

But Manaaki (who has been staying in the city with friends), arrived unexpectedly and surprised us, so we spent the afternoon hanging out with him instead of making gifts.

Today was the most stunning weather, perfect clear blue skies and 30 degrees Celsius, (86 fahrenheit), dry heat. The NZ sun is infamously hot as we are so close to the hole in the ozone layer that we have very little protection from UV rays. Even Toku gets burnt here and never did anywhere else she has travelled. It was officially a stinking hot summers day we reckon.

This picture was taken on the way home from the farmers market. It’s not exactly Xmas-y, but gives you an idea of how glorious the weather can be at this time of the year. (‘Can be’ as it often ends up raining on Christmas Day just to ruin people’s plans for a barbecue!)