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Today, in lieu of a photo I have a soundtrack of summer for your listening pleasure.

This is a Tui, a native bird indigenous to Aotearoa (New Zealand). They are a mid sized bird, with beautiful feathers that at first appear midnight black, but in the light look dark blue / green / turquoise, like a petrol spill. They also have a ruffle of white feathers under their neck, which lead to the nickname of ‘Parson Bird’ by the early white settlers.

The most amazing thing about them though, is their singing. They have two voice boxes so can vocalise the strangest noises, perfectly mimic humans etc.

This clip is all of one bird singing in the tree in front of me. I couldn’t catch him on camera though. So click here for a Wikipedia link with photos and more information about these beautiful, slightly mad birds.

A true sound of a NZ Christmas – the Tui.