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Well I had a flat out day making Xmas presents but forgot to take a single photo of them. So I don’t exactly have a NZ Christmas photo today.

However I did have a comment from the lovely KJ at roleplaying with kids who reckoned I was just showing off with all the lovely weather updates and photos.

The reality is, although our Xmas is during summer, often the time directly before and during Xmas day is rainy and unbearably muggy. I’ve certainly done my fair share of Christmas shopping in damp conditions!

In fact there has just been a tropical cyclone hitting the islands of our pacific neighbors and it’s currently drifting its way over here bringing rain and humidity.

This morning, as we have been doing for the last week, Toku and I went for an early morning walk before she started work. It was a drizzly grey day so I’m posting a photo of that.

Therefore, for your viewing pleasure KJ – an overcast pre-Christmas morning, with inquisitive cows.