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We are ‘back on the horse’ tomorrow (don’t worry, I definitely don’t mean literally in any way shape or form!) What I mean is we’ll be TTC again with the assistance of Mr Obliging, aka Manaaki.

We are going with a slightly later insemination schedule, and more spaced out over a few days. Hoping a change in the timing and frequency might help. I think it will make it more likely to conceive a boy this way whereas before I’d been aiming for a girl. But really, whatever live baby arrives will do very nicely!

Cycle 3 of this round of TTC, cycle 7 of trying for a take-home baby.

Please let us get our Christmas miracle this time.

Yeehaa and can I also get an Amen (since I think it’s wise to keep all bases covered).

PS: Gotta love autocorrect. I just went to hit post and saw the title had changed from ‘Ride em cowgirl’ to ‘Ride me cowgirl’! Perhaps just a Freudian slip since I am ovulating and have the associated ‘side effects’ but not what I intended to title a post with…