Well I can report that the world had not ended thus far, at 11.30pm on the 21st. Although apparently the ‘end of the world’ date translates to around 2.11am tomorrow morning NZ time, so I suppose I ought to wait till then to confirm we are still here.

On a cheerier note, today’s picture is of a freaking awesome car I saw yesterday.

I met the cool guy who owned it, a random stranger I chatted to at a gas station in our biggest city (which has over 1.5 million residents). Of course it turned out that he knows my brother lol. He said the boards are dated from 1963, the same year that the car was made. Nice attention to detail.

This really epitomizes a kiwi Christmas to me. A classic station wagon with its long boards on top ready for the beach, with Santa hats on the fins. Tumeke! (Which translates to ‘too much’ in a good way.)

Do you have a picture that epitomizes Christmas in your neck of the woods?

And…since I’m posting this and saying it epitomizes a kiwi Christmas, I’m going to add a second bonus picture. Ideally to nail the subject in one picture, the car would be parked under a Pohutukawa tree at a beach. So here’s a reminder of the Pohutukawa. Now in full glorious bloom in our garden.

Just in case there’s no point saving it for tomorrow… 😉