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Another busy day with no time for blogging so it’s just a quick post.

A couple of years ago my family decided to mainly make presents for each other. We are not into consuming lots, well not in a consumerist way, consuming food is something we are very interested in! So now we buy second hand, make gifts etc.

Toku makes amazing amazing amazing soap and organic hand creams, moisturizers, face creams etc. So that’s a thing we generally include. Plus we usually give home made Caribbean recipe books, Caribbean style sauces, seasonings etc. More on what we are gifting the adults tomorrow, as I will have labelled and wrapped it all then.

For our baby 7 month old god-daughter I have sewn a very cute soft toy, a hedgehog taggie. With the idea borrowed from this blog. I’ve also written a story about her, (as a small girl), and their pet eel. I’m going to record it onto a CD. And perhaps post the recording here…?

For our sweet 5 year old god-daughter this year I have op-shopped my heart out to make her a fabulous dress up box. The actual box is still in progress. It’s a big aluminum trunk, with rather rusty hinges and peeling wood veneer in the inside. So tomorrows job is to finish off the hinges and sort out the inside with either paint or a wall paper or fabric lining.

Missy Moo has a few princess costumes and that’s it. So we decided that we should broaden her horizons a little. Giving her lots of pieces of costume that she’ll need to use her imagination to utilise.

There’s hats, pieces of colorful fabric, parts of net curtains, a leopard print sheet and safety pins. A Hula skirt, a witches hat, sequinned mermaid’s tail, cricket gloves, a single boxing glove, bandannas, handbags, suspenders (the ones for pants not stockings!), belts, jeans, a mans tie, scarves, gloves, a wig. Plus so much more!

I’ve spent about $40 NZD to get the lot and am really happy with the haul.

When we carry in the trunk Toku is going to dress up in the white paper painting overalls with the black and white star cape. I’ll be dressed in the hula skirt and the feather boa…and possibly the wig.

I can see the whole whanau (family) playing dress ups after imbibing a bit of ‘Christmas cheer’ on Tuesday afternoon.

So here is a photo of the dress up goodies.