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We have our gorgeous 5 year old god daughter staying a lot and my parents hand-made her a great puppet theatre for Xmas.

A few days ago I decided to show her how to make sock puppets. Then I took a wee video of my sock-guy to show the wife.

You see, she has a bit of a love-hate relationship with them. This began a few years back when I utilised one of her discarded socks picked up off the bathroom floor and turned it into a lecherous leery Peeping Tom watching her shower and commenting on the progress. She was in fits of laughter and simultaneously shuddering.

For some reason she thought this video was relatively cute. That is until Sock Guy actually arrived in person. Then she began to shudder and with just a few pervy comments about how he very much liked the firm grip she had on him as she tried to keep him from sniffing her, well she began to run. He is now banished from our house. Poor Sock Guy.

Check him out and let me know if you think he’s charming or alarming?

PS: I keep having flashes of the latest post over at Role Playing With Kids in my head lol! Wondering how he can possibly work that into his charm campaign…