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Well the good news is that you now have official permission to delurk on my page. You see, this is International Delurking Week – thanks for the heads up Stirrup Queen. As the wise woman herself recommends, you are welcome to either just comment with a simple “I’m here”, or waaaay more preferably, you could leave a brief comment with who you are and why you are here and perhaps even how often you call by..I’d like that better!

I’m especially curious about who my NZ and Australian readers are.

Feel free to right click and copy the image below to post on your page.

I look forward to having every reader come out of the closet in the comments section below…

Update: Well you lot are the worst delurkers I have ever not met! Plenty of views and only 5 people said Hello. Shame on all you meanies who make me look like Nigel-five-friends! Lol.