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To set the scene:

This afternoon I’m at a local beach hanging out with Anahera and another little girl, (who is actually called Anahera in real life), and her mummy who I will call NYC as that’s where I met her. (But the real Anahera is asleep so doesn’t feature in this story.)

It’s a hot day so the beach is covered in families. Building sand castles, having picnics, swimming, people watching, having BBQ’s (cook outs) etc.

NYC and I are catching up and my Anahera is sitting beside me warming up after a swim.

All of a sudden I feel a (not inconsiderable) thwack on my head, through the straw hat I’m wearing.

Anahera gasps, NYC starts cracking up. I look at Anahera and with total disbelief she says “A SAUSAGE fell out of the SKY and HIT you on the head!!!

She is sitting with her mouth agape. I look behind me and sure enough, there is a cooked sausage that has just rebounded off my head.

“Blimey”, says NYC, “I saw the seagull fly over and then your hat move with the impact of something, and I thought it was a giant turd!”

I then look around and practically everyone within sight is cracking up with laughter.

Turns out some large gulls stole it off someone’s BBQ or picnic flew away squabbling over it and then dropped it on my head!

I said to NYC that the crazy thing is that not only am I gay, but I’m vegetarian! Anahera asked “What does that mean?” I replied “It means I don’t eat sausages!” NYC sniggered and Anahera looked up seriously and said (somewhat hopefully): “I eat sausages”.
Sadly for her, a small dog came along at that moment and I let him have the offending, (but highly entertaining), sausage.

So dear readers, what do you think?
Is a sausage falling from the sky, onto my head on an insemination day, a good omen?