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Two weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my back, lifting boxes of books.

After a week of it not getting any better I decided to go visit our local osteopath to get some treatment. Toku had seen him for a similarly strained muscle before Xmas and he was great.

So off I toddled with my aching tailbone area. He started with an incredibly extensive patient intake questionnaire. I didn’t think to mention my miscarriages until he asked about my diet and I said I was gluten free, then went on to explain about my anti-thyroid antibodies and thyroid issues. He asked more indepth questions about them both and a lot about the miscarriage. I was surprised but told him all the details. Then he explained that a muscle strain of the sacral area is very unusual given how I did it. That he thought it likely that the box lifting was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back, and that it was probably largely residual issues due to my miscarriages. He said we often carry stress and trauma in the sacral area.

So instead of doing regular osteopathy on me (as he had done on Toku), he did cranial osteopathy which is a very gentle treatment method. I suppose it would be considered a pretty alternative type of treatment by most, but since I’m open to all sorts of therapies it was fine by me. Plus I wait and see what affect it has before making a judgement on its authenticity.

To my surprise I had confirmation that it was effective as soon as he started. As he very gently held my bare foot between his forefinger (on my sole) and his thumb (on the top of my foot just behind the toes), not applying pressure but just holding, I started having strong period type cramps in my uterus. They continued until he removed his hands.

The treatment lasted about 30 mins during which time he placed his hands on my head, my face, under my spine and under my shoulder blades. I felt deeply relaxed and my breathing became very deep and slow. Afterwards I felt like I had been meditating.

He told me that I had basically shut down my body from the sternum area down after the miscarriages, leaving the area very tense. This had eventually translated into the back pain (and I’ve been getting sore lower backs for ages). He told me that I needed to focus on letting go and relaxing that whole area. (That same old ‘letting go & relax’ phrase cropping up yet again!)

I became a little teary at the thought that bloody hell, here I am thinking my body and mind are finally feeling like they are all ready for this baby, and yet another thing crops up for me to have to work on! So to calm myself down I started doing some deep breathing. He said to me look at your body, where are you breathing from. Sure enough, my ‘calming, relaxing deep breaths’ were all from the solar plexus up. Lots of shoulder raising and all that, but nothing going on in my stomach where I am supposed to breathing into – and I know about breathing into your stomach, I thought I was. What a lightbulb going on! All these months that I’ve been using slow deep breaths to calm down, I’ve been reinforcing my body to shut down the stomach area and keep it all tensed up. He got me to take deep breaths down into my stomach and said not to force it, but let my belly expand “to make space”, then laughed in a lovely self-effacing away and said “I know it’s corny but there’s a real strong metaphor for you right there.”

After this little epiphany I went home and spent the week focusing on my breathing.

I obviously did my homework properly as according to him, I had a ‘changed body’ when I went to see him on Monday afternoon.

He said I still had a little more work to do on letting go and getting my body to relax but that I had made such ground that I didn’t need to go back for a fortnight.

Yesterday I went to the city to see Ngira and when she heard I was seeing him she was thrilled and said that she’s had a number of fertility clients rave about him. Apparently there is a waiting list to see him in the city, but he works from home a few days a week and that’s just at the next beach over from where we live (the sausage slapping beach), so I’ve been able to book in the same day as I rung him.

He did osteo on my SIL throughout her pregnancy and she said he promptly got rid of any aches and pains she had.

So yay – another great member to add to my fertility team! (In fact I think I’ll need to find a blog name for him as I can see him becoming a regular fixture.) And another area of my mind/body/soul becoming more balanced.

I’m letting go…and I like it.