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Finally, with a bit of time available I got myself sorted and unlinked my other blog from my pepibebe username. See notes on this topic and why I wanted to do this here…

So if you are interested in finally checking out our new food blog come visit us at: Makin.g L0ve With F00d, hosted by the lovely ladies – Joyous Crocodile (aka Toku and I). I’ve written the blog name all weird in the hope that if people search for the other blog they won’t stumble upon this one. Any other tips to avoid this appreciated!

Joyous and Crocodile sound similar to our real names, so we thought about starting a business called the Joyous Crocodile Food Company. It’s on hold for now, but the blog should suffice to get our culinary creative juices flowing. (I suppose that I ought not use that particular turn of phrase in the same sentence as the blog title hehe.)

Now my favour to ask you all, dear readers, before you flock en masse to read and comment liberally on the few posts and pages there is…please DO NOT mention the existence of this blog or use my pepibebe name over there! This is very, very important as I do not want friends and family, or other random acquaintances in this small incestuous country of ours to know that I have another blog in which I lay our TTC souls bare.

That said, I’d really like you all to go over and have a read and follow if that’s your thing. The wife is a wonderfully talented and inventive cook, and I can bake a mean (Kiwi slang for most excellent sah), cake and numerous other sweet delights. As well as that, Toku (aka Joyous) will be blogging too. Well, so she says!

Oh, and it’s not just recipes, it’s a love story you see…snapshots from our lives, what cooking for each other (and our loved ones) means to us. Expect mushy bits and poems and reminiscing 😉

I’m not convinced about the theme, but I don’t want to pay for one. I think I need to keep searching though as I don’t like the widgets at the bottom. The long blog name restricts which ones the title will work with, and I want a photo at the top. Any suggestions?

The first recipe up today is for St Lucian Cocoa Tea, and it’s the drink that I believe seduced me into falling for this wife of mine…

Joyous' Lucian Cocoa Tea

Joyous’ Lucian Cocoa Tea

Now in other news:

– Tomorrow (weather and other small inconveniences allowing), the wife and I drive North to the former stamping grounds of my childhood and teenage years, on a 7 day road trip in my uncles camper van. Expect the occasional picture of nature at it’s finest.

– Tuesday the 29th is Toku’s birthday, so I hope to find the perfect spot to park up and shower her with love.

– We are now into the TWW, but I’m not going to tell exactly where. I’ve stopped temping for the waiting period so I’m not waking stressing. I am feeling good about it all and happy and relaxed, and I know our trip up north to my Turangawaewae (‘the place my legs stand strong’ – my home lands) will be a good place to be for TTC this pepi.

– When we return from our trip, the following Tuesday is our 1st wedding anniversary, followed by a public holiday the next day – yay. Possibly a good time to be celebrating some good news?

Turangawaewae - Home

Turangawaewae – Home