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I wrote this poem back on the 14/1/09. I was having a bad day. I look back now and think that I just had no idea what feeling sad was all about.

However reading it today struck a chord as it so perfectly described how I felt this morning. I’ve changed one word from ‘what’ to ‘that’ as I now know what I wait for. Oh and by the way, it’s rained all day today.

I wrote it using our poetry fridge magnets.

You may also be glad to hear that after a forlorn (to put it mildly) morning, I feel peaceful after a beautiful session of cranial osteopathy with my magic osteo guy.

I wait

Feeling rain within
I weep

I wait
For that other thing

Blood lost
Thyself apart

I only reach solace with you

PS – I have more poems here…but a word of warning, they are sad ones about losing our babies. ** Edited to say that if you follow the above link you will go to a new page of poems (only two on there so far though), then there is second page that contains the baby loss poems.