One year today. The first of many. Of many, many, many.

Not the elated blessed day we hoped for. More tears than I intended to shed. No cakes baked or cards nor gifts given.


Sweet kisses shared. Garden fresh flowers on the table. A simple meal by candlelight, cooked together. A glass each of your birthday desert wine to go with dark chocolate and stewed Northland peaches and nectarines. Your hand stroking my head when I needed it most. My hand resting on your arm to reaffirm that I’m near. Strength and solace given and taken.

We hold hands and step forward once again. Facing this new year with hope. Together. Steadfast. With deep love. Always and in all ways.

There’s not a thing I’d change about you my love.* Happy Anniversay Toku.

* Well apart from that weird thing you do with your dental floss…