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First up, a note about this post title- I typed in ‘food’ and it auto corrected to ‘good’. I liked it, so I left it. Perhaps it’s true, I assume most good lovers are food lovers and vice versa. Perhaps it will also encourage the more egotistical among us to click on the post?

Anyway, what I am posting about is that I’ve finally got around to writing up another post over on my other blog…it’s about the delicious camping birthday dinner we had whilst up North. (Reading this again it sounds so frickin boring, but I promise it’s not.)

Since that blog only has four followers (lol) that I know of thus far, I thought I’d best give a heads up over here.

So please head over to: www.makinglovewithfood.wordpress.com for a delicious new recipe and a little more of our special kind of love-makin’…

Oh and feel free to press follow so I don’t need to continue to plague you lot with my updates!


A further wee teaser…

Maori Potato Salad

Maori Potato Salad

Birthday Table / Sun setting

Birthday Table / Sun setting

A red sky

Falling light

Into rich night

You taste everything

As I do