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TMI warning for those who are averse to learning more about the practicalities of 2 girls trying to conceive….

After a last ditch effort marathon of night after night of inseminations we are officially over it.

I’m all about the theory that an accompanying o.rgasm at the time of insemination helps to draw the semen into your uterus.

I’m also a fan of the theory, my own, that an preparatory or.gasm (or three) before you get down to the actual business helps as well.

Last night I was so far over all of the aforementioned theories that, after a few minutes of attempting to follow this best practice technique, I announced to Toku: “I may as well be rubbing my toe!

Hilarity ensued and we quickly decided to forgo the or.gasm before I laughed too hard and spilt all the goods.

Thank goodness both of us don’t have to be ‘in the mood’ to make this happen. I am grateful for my ever up-for-it syringe and I suddenly feel a little more empathy for straight couples.

And now it’s into the two week wait we go…