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There’s not much more I can say on that topic really. Everything looked great, then suddenly it wasn’t. Again.

To add to a less than ideal outcome, Manaaki’s visa expired on the 1st of April and Immigration had his passport, so he’s now an overstayer. We have an urgent request in to try and get an interim visa granted while they consider his last visa application. If they won’t consider it, or decline it, then he’ll quickly be on a flight home. I don’t know if we’ll try to bring him back again or not.

This is all so freaking hard. Every.Single.Step.Of.The.Way and writing that sounds like we are taking steps forward. But really I feel that we’ve made no progress at all.

In this present state of miserableness, I am feeling blessed to notice moments of beauty. Here’s one I shared with my love tonight. We stood in our garden and held each other and watched the sky do this…