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As she is such a darling I thought I’d surprise my wife with her favourite sweet goodie today. So when she went out to her caravan for half an hour to do some writing I quickly whipped up a batch of Honey Rice Bubble bickies.

They’ve been a hot favourite of hers since I first made them for a kids party we were going to. She often requests them for special occasions, and since they take around 5 – 8 mins to make (with only 3 mins of actual cooking time), I often oblige or make them as a surprise.

So today she left me sitting on the couch in the sun reading blogs on my phone, and returned a while later to me in exactly the same position.

Little did she know that I’d been up, made a batch, done all the dishes, put them away again, aired the house (as the delicious honey caramel smell is obvious), put them in the tin I always use, cut love heart paper dividers, placed the full tin back up on the shelf, rechecked for any evidence, then planted self back on couch with one minute to spare before she arrived back.

After dinner I told her I had a surprise, and she said she thought I must’ve done some small chore that she was supposed to do and had forgotten. Then she thought it was that I’d put the jug on to make her a cup of tea.

So her surprise, when I made her play ‘hot & cold’ till she found the tin, was very cute.

Thank you my darling Toku for being so very sweet and supportive as we continue on this difficult journey. I’m absolutely blessed to have you.

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