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We are still somewhat in limbo as we await a decision from Immigration in regard to Manaaki’s overstayer status. Currently our request for a special interim visa is ‘Pending’. If it’s granted then we’ll submit a Partnership Visitor Visa application, as Manaaki has been seriously seeing one of my good friends since the end of last year. If it’s declined then we’ve requested 14 days to ‘get his affairs in order’, which we’ve described as saying goodbye to his girlfriend in the South Island, sorting flights etc…but which could also translate to ‘attempting to knock up the sister-in-law one more time’.

We are hopeful as I’ll be ovulating in approximately 10 days, so we’ll be starting the inseminations this coming Friday or Saturday.

Meanwhile we’ve also sent his sperm off for analysis to see if everything’s okay there. Last time it was tested (Dec 11), it was just within World Health Organization normal limits. But due to its unwillingness to thaw out after freezing, we couldn’t use it for IUI (and we can’t afford IVF with ICSI). We have hopes that perhaps after 6 months of a great diet and lots of supplements, maybe it will be much higher and could possibly have enough available to survive a thaw and be usable for IUI. Fingers crossed.

And whilst we wait…I blog and bake, bake and blog. Baking has always been a good stress reliever for me, fortunately I’m not obsessed with eating it all or I’d be in trouble by now with the last 18 months we’ve experienced!

The latest recipe is for the delectable Feijoa and Ginger Loaf I made this afternoon. Pears would be a nice substitution if you live somewhere without feijoas. As sad as that would be.

Mmmmm yum


Oh, and I draw pictures for the resident 5 year old. This one is inspired by a song she learnt last week and that we’ve heard once or twice since then. She keeps telling me: “It’s a love song. You should sing it to Toku. But you have to sing the ‘with anyone else but me’ part three times. Okay? Three times.”
Please ignore the crazy body positions, it was for a 5 year old okay, she didn’t notice the awkwardness. I suppose it’s quite accurate – we are in limbo!

Don't sit under the apple tree, with anyone else but me (x 3)

Don’t sit under the apple tree, with anyone else but me (x 3)