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Well Manaaki’s visa is still with Immigration and they’ve given him 14 days to get some additional information to them, so he’ll definitely be here for this month’s ovulation. Yippee.

I’ll be on cycle day 10 on Saturday and since I seem to be fluctuating between ovulating on CD13-15 we’ll start ‘having us a good time‘ from Saturday on.

The last lap of our love marathon, (aka CD 15), will be next Thursday which happens to be my birthday. My 36th! A good day to conceive methinks.

It’s rather freaky when I consider that I started trying to find a donor in earnest back when I was 28. (That was my magic age, I always thought I’d have children by then.) But instead, due to a reluctant partner, (which I am now very thankful for as she would’ve been a terrible person or me to parent with), I spent from age 28 till I was 31 researching TTC for lesbians, meeting with potential donors, drawing up legal agreements once we found a known donor, taking supplements and not drinking in preparation for TTC, then actively trying for 4 unsuccessful cycles. I spent a sad 30th birthday worrying as we didn’t have a donor at that point. The ex and I broke up in late 2007, so I stopped being so focused on it for a while. Although I decided that I would have a baby solo, and quite soon, if I didn’t meet anyone I wanted to parent with.

In mid 2008 Toku and I got together, and she knew from day 1 that having babies was a non-negotiable for me. We started thinking seriously about who we wanted as a donor in early 2010. From then on it’s been a constant time of research, preparation and trying.

I definitely didn’t think when I turned 30 that 6 years later I still wouldn’t have a child.

But maybe this year of being 36 will be my magical lucky year. No prizes for guessing what my birthday wish will be.

Oh and we got the sperm count results back…it’s normal. On the low side but definitely normal. Its also increased by a few million and the motility is up to 70% from 60% (probably all the supplements we have him on). I can’t see why it’s not working so far this time since it did before with an even lower count.
So I’ve emailed the fertility clinic donor coordinator to ask if it’s worth trying again to freeze it. Then we can see if we have a better defrost rate now that we have a higher number of good ‘uns. No response from her yet so I’ll follow up again tomorrow and see what they say.