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I know, I know, whats with the two posts in one evening? But I’m on a roll so don’t knock it.

Burning question…

Hands up all the gay ladies who, at some point in their TTC journey, have had people, (usually straight ones), advise them to be sure to have an org.asm during the insemination process?

I just had my latest bit of useful advice from a lovely lady on my TTC online forum:

“You and your DW are going to have such gorgeous bubbas. Just a thought and probably TMI (so apologies if you are already all over this) but female org.asm helps send the swimmers in the right direction… maybe warming up the oven could be just the trick? Sorry for puns but I struggled with how to broach this.”

I replied with (what I hope was) good grace and said:

“LOL. Yes, after years of getting ready for, researching and planning this I have done a helluva lot of reading, so I do know the org.asm theory. It’s funny, I suppose it’s one of the main things everyone thinks straight BD and insemination might need to have in common. Of course I make sure to orgasm lol! Hehe. Obviously we have to get the timing / logistical side just right, and I wont go into too many details for the squeamish out there. But rest assured that yes, we do endeavour to always ensure that I have the correctly timed org.asm to draw the sperm into my uterus. I think it’s hilarious that everyone tells me this. I think you are about the 7th person to say it – including my osteopath!
That said, I am always open to any advice and ideas to help this process along, so I’m really glad you had the gumption to write it.”

The conversation then continued on with another straight lady chiming in that she wondered how to follow that theory when doing IUI in a clinic. I suggested that if she wanted to ‘ring the devils doorbell’, she should tell the nurse that immediately after the insemination she wanted some uninterrupted time to meditate or do a conception visualization. Hehe. Feels nice to be the one offering up the ‘helpful’ advice.

I suppose having 7 or so people give me the same advice isn’t that many, but I find it very funny that THAT is the one piece of advice they feel inclined to give. Not timing it perfectly for ovulation, or try this supplement, or be careful of lubricants or any of a multitude of other pieces of advice. But instead it’s: ‘have an org.asm’.

Do straight people think we don’t have org.asms??

Don’t they realise that is PRECISELY the reason we sleep with girls?!