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No BFP news yet, but there is some hope. I’ve got all those exciting symptoms again, the same ones that progesterone supplements as well as pregnancy cause – tiredness, good high temps, sore breasts etc. I have had 3 people comment that I am glowing in the last week though…So that’s a nice bonus. I’m at 8dpo today, so will probably test at 12 or 13dpo.

We’ll be definitely testing before 14dpo as that is the day that Manaaki flies home to the Caribbean. Yep, bastardly immigration declined his application last week, won’t let him submit his partnership visa and gave him immediate marching orders.

Unfortunately we are not yet sure if he will be able to apply from his home country or if he’ll need to wait till he is able to come back again before applying. His girlfriend is heartbroken, so we stumped up more money that we don’t have (and my kind parents helped too) and booked him a quick return trip to the South Island where she lives, so they can say they goodbyes.

Sadly the fertility clinic advised that there is still no point in trying to freeze his sperm, so we can’t try IUI. It is good enough that I should be able to get pregnant using it fresh, so we do intend to try and bro him back to keep trying how we are.

But…in NZ we have a visitor visa rule that says that they can only stay for 9 out of 18mths. As he’s just been here for nearly 7mths, we believe that if we bring him back soon he may only be able to stay for 2mths. Unless we wait till April 2014, another whole year away.

So, we wait and we hope that we have been blessed this month, and that all goes well if we are so blessed.

My Nana arrived on the weekend with a parsley plant and insisted I go out into the pouring rain and plant it immediately that night. She is “getting desperate now” she informed me.

Somehow I have remained calm and hopeful throughout, I’m learning it seems, to just let it all go. The wife learnt this long, long ago of course and remains a paragon of calm chilled out-edness.

So this time around, on what may be our last try for some time, please send us your positive energy. We really need it this time round.