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5 years ago today Toku and I took a leap of faith into each others arms.

We shared a tender, wonderful, sexy, emotion filled first kiss in a tropical glasshouse on a rainy winters day in the city’s botanical gardens.

When the kiss ended Toku looked up and noticed that to one side of us was a cocoa tree and to the other, a mango. Both much loved and missed trees of her home country.

It seemed to be another wonderful portent on our journey of falling in love. Yet another sign that this meeting was long fated and meant to be.

Tonight I made a delicious cocoa heavy desert to celebrate our kiss-a-versary. The date we consider as the beginning of our relationship.

We’ve been on a detox for the last month, so I had to be creative but happily it turned out delicious. A dairy, gluten & sugar free, coconut sugar, cinnamon and dark chocolate self saucing pudding. With banana, coconut, chai sorbet. Delicious!

The wife arrived home to the fire on, table set all pretty and a few small gifts. She’s rather easy to please.

Happy Kiss-A-Versary dear one.


And finally, when we were just new we wrote lots and lots of poetry for and about each other. Mostly sweet heady romantic stuff. Here’s one I wrote, (about a month in), that was more poking fun at myself. I still quite like it…

Although we have such synergy
On a whim I consult online astrology
Taking comfort in the austere teachings of chineseastrology.com
We are of course
‘A perfect match’.


PS: sorry to have been so absent. We’ve been taking a break, in most ways, from thinking about TTC. admittedly not always successfully. I’m still reading your blogs and commenting when my phone lets me log in.