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…because we got a puppy! A chance purchase at the local farmers market yesterday morning resulted in us bringing this wee girl home.


We have been looking for a pup for about 3 months – well, by ‘we’ I mean me. My adoring wife was resigned to the fact that it was inevitable. But to find her by chance was a lucky fluke.

She’s a lovely mongrel really, of somewhat dubious origins. We believe possibly mastiff, shar pei and labrador. Her mother seemed to have a lovely chilled out temperament, and the father is known but we haven’t met him yet.

Our girl is the runt, her siblings are much larger, as are their paws, so should be mastiff sized. This girl should be quite a lot smaller. She’s only 6 weeks, but the mother had weaned them and was fed up with 9 pups so they were selling them to be taken immediately.

So we are in full ‘new baby’ mode with a routine of sleeping, eating and toilet breaks going on. Although last night she substituted sleeping for howling which was unpleasant.

I’ll try and get onto my 4 (!) Liebster nominations tomorrow. I can’t believe I received it four times in 2 days. Talk about great motivation to get writing.

We think we’ve settled on the name ‘Fidél’, meaning ‘loyal’ or ‘constant’ in Patois (St Lucian). With Del, (or perhaps Fid?), as a nickname.

Why do y’all think of that? Obviously people may think of Fidel Castro but we loved the patois meaning and so think we’ll go for it regardless.

Meanwhile I’ll leave you all with a few more photos to show her off.


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