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Hi again dear readers.

Those of you that read my previous two posts will know that I’ve been hit with a storm of lovely Liebster Award nominations in the last fortnight. Thank you everyone who has nominated me.

I’ve decided to answer all 6 in separate posts, but may run out of blogs to nominate and may end up using some of the same questions.

By the way, if you are only checking in to see my ridiculously cute puppy, scroll directly to the end of the post 😉

So, you may also know that when I got my first nomination from the fabulous Andy at The Gayby Project, I right royally stuffed up my reply and invented a new way of doing the Liebster. This was to offer up 11 random unknown facts about myself. I thought I had to do that and then answer the 11 provided questions. Doh. Mind you, it does mean you get to learn 11 new things about me.

So, for anyone who doesn’t know what a Liebster is, it’s a way for small bloggers to give recognition to other small bloggers (200 followers or less).

Here’s how it works:

Copy & Paste This Whole Post and Replace All Your Information — who awarded you, for example.

The rules:

1. Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2. Post 11 facts about yourself, (hehe, this is obviously where I stopped reading and started doing!), answering the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.

3. Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.

4. Display the Liebster Award logo. I wrote this entire post on my phone, so I haven’t managed to get a pic of the logo, but I will do when I’m on my laptop.

5. No tag backs meaning you can’t just re nominate the person who nominated you.

As Solo the First put it “The real purpose behind these nominations are not only as an accolade from a fellow blogger and let’s face it, nothing gently strokes our little writer hearts more than someone telling you they appreciate your work. In addition to the back patting we need to receive from time to time, it also allows us to get a little more personal as we get to know our increasing blogging community. It also helps drive traffic to your site as we reference one another.”

The questions put forth to me (with my answers) are as follows:

1) What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever created? I guess the brief lives of my two babies, precious as they were to us.

2) If a movie was made of your life, who would play you? Emily Watson. A quirky British actress. I loved her in the brilliant (1996!) film Breaking the Waves.

3) Most memorable dream ever? As described in my post Sweet Dreams.

4) Creamy peanut butter or smooth. And WHY? Oh definitely crunchy. Because smooth is just sticky with no texture- ugh.

5) The literary character you’d most like to hang out with? Pippi Longstockings or Nighteyes (the wolf character in the Robin Hobb series).

6) Words of wisdom for the next generation? Toitu te whenua. The land remains (meaning we must take care of it).

7) What song is currently soundtracking your life? I choose Bob Marley’s ‘3 little birds’ as the recurring soundtrack of my life.

8) What quality about your parents do you have but wish you didn’t? I’m nosy lol. The whole family likes to help, so we stick out noses in!

9) What do you want to be when you grow up? A mother.

10) How do you take your coffee? Latte or a Flat White (google it, it’s a NZ thing), currently water pressed decaf with no sugar.

11) If you could live in any time period (excepting the present), where and when would you live? Well I love history & ancient history of all kinds but guess if I was gay then too many cultures would not be very accommodating. So I’d try out Ancient Greek society or Maori society circa 1700 AD. They were fine with takaatapui (gay) people, but I’d try and avoid being one of the cannibal tribes. (Oh and I’d also try and avoid being the enemy of the cannibal tribes.)

My nominations are:

Roleplaying with kids

Coming out at midlife

.breaking into blossom

Raising my rainbow

The Misadventures of Missohkay

leaf and twig

My vegetable baby

Gayby Journey

Please go visit their blogs and let them know I sent you. They really are great ones. Also, I’d love it if you would comment below if you do.

More nominations to come next post… (If I post 11 for each nomination I’ll need to think of 66 blogs that I love and think that they maybe don’t have 200 followers!) These nominations are in no particular order!

My questions:

1- Describe what happened with your first crush or first love, in chronological order using 10-20 words only. Specify if it was a crush or love.

2- What song did you find out you had the words wrong for? What should they have been and what did you substitute?

3- Do you have political or other sticker/s on your vehicle (or mode of transport). Name & explain, or if not, why not?

4- What makes you think of your mother?

5- Is there a smell that evokes childhood for you? What is it & why?

6- Favourite place to eat out?

7- If you could have fresh flowers in your home every week, what would they be?

8- What is your favourite dessert?

9- What is the last sentence you spoke out loud?

10- What ethnicities make up your heritage?

11- Recommend your favourite book, adult or child’s?

Finally, as a reward for reading so far…here’s a picture of my adorable wee Fidél.