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If you think I’ve been remiss at blogging here then you’d be horrified at my lack of posts over on my food blog.

As you know, I’ve been indulging in a bit of avoidance behavior (not blogging here or reading other TTC / family blogs). Usually being bummed out means I cook more, but I haven’t been baking up a storm either as Toku and I did a big detox from May – July. (No gluten, sugar, dairy, red meat, eggs, caffeine, alcohol, deep fried or processed foods etc.)

Another reason I put off blogging recipes is that I forget to take photos when I cook, or I think the pictures I take, (using my iPhone as I don’t have a decent camera), aren’t good enough.

For a while there I had become all enthused about my food blog, so I started following lots of other food blogs to try and build my readership.

But as I started trawling some phenomenal ones like Spontaneous Tomato and For The Love Of The South, I started looking at them from a blogger’s perspective rather than just a baker’s one and I became rather disillusioned. You see, I’m a perfectionist in many ways. If I can’t do something really really well, then I often choose to do something else altogether.

Those other blogs are beautifully photographed, with consistently awesome recipes and fancy cookware. Whereas mine felt like the school homework project of someone living in a shack. (And we are actually living in a shack, with bad lighting, my gran’s 1950’s kitchen bench, op shopped (charity shop) kitchenalia and an oven with one fully working gas burner, one burner that leaves black burn marks on my pans and no temperature gauge !)

But I have decided to try and do something different for me. Instead of deciding it will never be ‘good enough’, I’m going to try and keep going with it, even though it might not be the best. I figure the large majority of my readers over there are you guys and my friends and family. So most people probably read it for the recipes, (or just because they are curious about my blog), and aren’t judging the pictures anyway – so I shouldn’t be so fussy right?

My original idea with it, which must have some merit as it percolated for years before I started writing it, was that it would be a blog about love, with food as a way of communicating that love. So I’ll see how I go with continuing to thread that emphasis through rather than just worrying about the recipes too much.

The name of this post is Perfectly Pai, which means perfectly good, which in my mind translates to good enough. I’m going to try and let go of striving for absolute perfection and just go for a good result. Also pai is pronounced ‘pie’, which leads me into…

Yesterday was a rainy Sunday and my darling wife was feeling exhausted after months of a full on work project and a bad case of PMS. So I baked!

And….as I baked I photographed, and after that, I blogged.

Go drool over the recipe for a perfect apple pie. Or in yesterday’s case an apple and rhubarb pie that seriously was perfection.

Perhaps if I set my blogging sights a little lower than perfect, on occasion I may just accidentally end up there anyway.