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It’s been a rather lovely relaxed Christmas this year with most of our family away. So Toku and I decided it would be a good idea to make a departure from the normal insanely feast-like Xmas lunch that we all slave over.

There was only us two, my parents and my dad’s mum & husband. But as our precious old folk very much look forward to seeing us all and enjoying some special food, we decided to do a sit down lunch styled affair.

My gran and Don are in their mid – late 80’s and are a delightful pair. She’s hilarious and rather naughty and comes out with a huge range of wildly rude and wicked statements. I never liked him throughout my childhood (nor did the rest of the family), but one of us has mellowed with age and now I’m really fond of him. He’s been super sweet throughout our ups and downs of baby making and said today that he really hopes we get lucky very soon and that he will be just as excited and happy as us when this baby arrives. So sweet. I cried. (Of course!)

So this morning Toku and I started with exchanging our gifts for each other and me spoiling Miss Fidel with a handmade soft toy and tennis balls and organic meaty dog treats.

The wife and I went small with gifts as we are saving for the fertility clinic so decided to forgo the expensive sunglasses we had previously decided to buy for each other. My two fav gifts from her were a gorgeous straw hat (locally made by a woman we know), and a brown velveteen hand stitched cat soft toy, dressed in smock made from a vintage embroidered doily.

I just asked her what her 2 favs from me were and she listed nearly everything I gave her lol. But has narrowed it down to the topper hat (a shortened version of a top hat made from felted wool) and two movie tickets (for her to go by herself to any movie she wants). Other hits were a vintage 1954 ‘Uncle Remus’ storybook (Brer Rabbit etc), and a mint condition 1970’s ‘Zyliss’ – which is a bright orange plastic grating and slicing machine, made in Switzerland I think and will be awesome for her to grate coconut etc.

Breakfast (and exchanging home made goodies) with mum and dad followed – perfect French croissants, berry jam & whipped cream with cups of Earl Grey tea.

Then we prepped lunch, I decorated the table and made a boutonnière for gran from her favorite shades of mauve and purple.

Lunch was relaxed but still nice with roast chicken & gravy (chilli rubbed salmon for me), new baby potatoes with mint and lashings of butter, green salad and over-cooked green peas for Don. Then we enjoyed bubbles with trifle, chocolate blancmange and summer fruit salad.

So delicious and simple compared to our usual giant feasts with 12 + people and multiple dishes to prepare.

Tomorrow is another lunch with my other nana and uncle (as they could make today), plus a great aunt and second cousin, but Toku and I have to drive to the city to pick up one of her cousins who is arriving for a holiday.

We’ll be cooking another big (St Lucian styled) meal tomorrow night to welcome her here. So it’s a busy few days.

Sorry if this has been a boring post, but I personally love hearing about the minutiae of people’s lives sometimes. It’s nice from my perspective to be able to share a day that was peaceful and lovely and angst-free.

Yay for our Cuz for ensuring that this one was a hope-filled Xmas. He’s done his second lot of banking, and with a 150 million+ s*perm count, that’s all he needed to do. It’s now quarantined for 3mths then, reliant on clear blood tests, released for IUI. So depending on my cycle, we could be trying in late March or April. Potentially a Christmas baby could result!!

Merry, merry Christmas to you all.

Meri Kirihimete ki a koutou.

(I’ll try and update this post tomorrow with some pictures.)