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Nga mihi o te Tau Hou ki a koutou! New Year greetings to you all.

Well I can report in from the future, (for all my overseas readers), & let you know that the first ten and a half hours of 2014 have gone well.

The wife and I had a very lovely and relaxed NYE last night. We went to see the latest Hobbit film in the late afternoon which finished at 4pm. Enjoyed a locally brewed cider at an outdoor bar by the river then drove home to take our wee dog for a walk in the sunshine (daylight savings here so the sun sets at about 9pm).

Then we had a delicious antipasto style dinner at home before I was called away to be a taxi driver for my rather inebriated brother, his wife and friends (my parents wee babysitting their wee girl). It was pretty damn entertaining but I’m glad we weren’t out with them! I was also glad to not have their hangovers when I finally saw their sorry faces at 2pm today.

After my taxi driver stint, Toku and I ate a delicious desert I had prepared earlier – fresh summer apricots and raspberries poached with fresh ginger in a lemony syrup, accompanied by a 72% dark Ghana chocolate tart. YUM.

We bailed out on NYE then and went to bed at around 11pm. It was another year that I was really glad to see the end of! We’ve sure had a run of them since we’ve been together.

Here’s hoping that 2014 is the start of a whole new path for us.

Take care and have a happy 1st of January when you get there! X