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The fertility clinic reopened after their summer break today so I quickly got on the phone to start to arrange our counselling appointments. The law here is that both (all) parties need a minimum of two x 1hr sessions each. So Toku and I will have a session and our donor will have a solo session and then we have a joint session all together. We are keen to get these out of the way and all approvals given just in case he gets back together with his ex! She’s the main reason that we didn’t approach him earlier. I know that he would still go ahead with the process if she wasn’t happy with it, but the clinic insists on including the donor’s partner if they have one – and I know he wouldn’t lie and say he was single if he wasn’t.

The first available appointment is next Wednesday so I’m just waiting for confirmation on that. It will be such a relief once it’s all signed off! Then we wait for the blood tests on approximately the 23rd March. If the sexual health side is all clear then I guess we can start the inseminations as soon as I next ovulate.

I have an appointment with the specialist on the 3rd of Feb to work out the treatment plan. He’s the gynaecologist that did my Lipoidol treatment back in Oct 2012 – and the one that I said I would get to inseminate me if we needed any further help haha.

I am really really hoping that, since I became pregnant easily the first two times, we get lucky on our first go. I just reckon it’s about time that the universe cut us some slack!

So – I’m feeling positive as we have a time line and things just feel really good. We spent time on Thursday night with him, (I do need to come up with a pseudonym), and he’s such a sweetie and really cares for us. It’s good. It’s really good.

PS: I’ve posted some more pictures in the ‘Up Close’ album. It’s password protected so email me if you need the password- bearing it in mind that I only give it out to some readers at my own discretion sorry. My email is: pepibebeblogger at gmail dot com