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Well, finally I have a few pieces of news to share. (I really should update more regularly rather than just dumping it all into one post!)

TTC news:

Cousin (now known as Koha), is still on board and is booked in for his counselling appointment on the 27 Feb. (After forgetting one in late Jan as he’s mega busy with work and organising an outdoor music and arts festival.) His final blood test will be in the week of the 23rd March.

We both have seen my fertility specialist and have the all clear. We had a bit of a scare on the day that we saw him (in back to back appointments) as after his he told us that our doctor said that the clinic’s cut off age for donors is 45 and he’s 48! But thankfully they didn’t note his DOB till that day and since his blood tests, health checks and sperm stats came back so awesome they are happy to let us use him. Phew.

He’s suggested 6 rounds of un-medicated IUI, (obviously hoping 1 will do the trick though!), but with probable use of ‘vagina candy’ as Andy from the Gayby Project calls progesterone pessaries hehe.

Then after our appointment (when I said that Koha was related to Toku  – we think they had the same great, great grandmother so it’s pretty tenuous but still significant to me), the lovely doctor came out into the waiting room, knelt down beside us and very quietly suggested that we don’t mention that to any one else and simply say he’s a friend as if he’s related in any way we have to seek ECART (Ethics Committee Artificial Reproductive Technology) consent which would be a time consuming and I assume possibly costly procedure.

I LOVE this doctor!

I then went off and had my bloods which came back fine according to the nurse at the fertility clinic, but my fabulous naturopath has asked me to up my thyroid drug levels to try and bring my TSH down as it’s at 4 and she wants it less than 2.5. They said my AMH is fine. My thyroid antibodies are still way over the preferred levels, but less than half of what they were before I started with the naturopath and I’m pleased with that since I haven’t been taking any supplements or remaining gluten free etc over the last 10 months.

I have another blood test for Day 21 progesterone checks in a couple of weeks, and will see our naturopath after that, plus an obligatory counselling appointment at the fertility clinic for the wife and I next Thursday. So it feels like we are making forward progress, and what a delicious feeling that is!


On the note of blood tests – I have become progressively needle phobic since my MC’s, I think it’s related to feeling like my body doesn’t work properly, combined with having what the phlebotomist’s call ‘difficult veins’ and some traumatic recent & childhood blood test experiences.

I’m not sure if I wrote about my last (in April 2013) blood test, but it was frekaing horrible and included the most experienced phlebotomist on duty being unable to find my veins (as usual), examining both arms numerous times, picking one, sticking the needle in, moving it to reenter the vein as she missed it, vein not working. Sticking the other arm, moving the needle as she missed the vein. Then the vein collapsed once she got about a quarter of a vial of blood. The I got home to a call asking me to go back in as the vial had congealed and they thought couldn’t be used. I didn’t go for another test till last week’s one!

So, with daily bloods coming up pre-ovulation and for HCG tests once I’m pregnant, I thought I’d best try and deal with it. So off to my lovely hypnotherapist I trekked. We had a great session and discovered some of the stuff I noted above. One of her best suggestions hilariously was that it probably wasn’t for the best for me to be ‘taking advice from my 5 year old self about trying to avoid needles’ haha. Agreed. She had me do this (slightly strange but effective) technique called EFT tapping (which is totally discredited on Wikipedia but it worked for me!), in combination with the hypnotherapy. Last week I did the tapping technique before the blood test and felt way less anxious than usual going in. I also did it during the blood test and although my vein shut down with only one tiny amount of blood in the vial (and 5 vials required), I felt exceedingly calm about having to go away and return an hour later to try again. I usually would have been in a total panic and not have gone back. When I returned she got all 5 vials of blood filled – stoked with myself!!

Other stuff:

I’ll write another post to fill you all in on this but

1- The wife and I celebrated 2 years of (illegal) marriage aka Civil Union Partnership bliss last week (definitely gonna get ourselves a legal wedding sometime.

2- I’ve been running a really successful second-hand-kick-arse-good book stall all summer at our local weekend markets. It’s been a lot of fun even with a few hiccups and has helped me earn a good amount of IUI treatment money.

3- It looks like I will be starting a part time job at the local school doing their marketing, communications and fundraising – yay something to keep me busy and bring in some bucks. Plus the local pre-school want me to do their fundraising on a contract basis too.

4- Our lovely Miss Fidel is a sweetheart and growing into a fine young lady dog.

5- I’ve been doing lots of flower arranging (selling them on my stall and I did my friend’s bouquet and button-holes) in anticipation of our (LA & NZ) friends wedding here on our property on the 1st March. That will be two bridal bouquets on one day – blimey!

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