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I’ve been so freaking busy lately – it’s been great! I guess we are around 7-8 weeks way from our first IUI and I don’t even know exactly how far away it is. This is unheard of for me. I like it a lot.

Last Saturday two good friends got married on our property in the same spot that Toku and I married back in Feb 2012. They hired me both as their wedding planner and as their florist. I’m not experienced at either thing but happily it went very well. One is a kiwi (NZ) woman and the other from LA (& a Chief in the LAFD).

As well as all this, last week I also had some planning and prep work for our local school’s annual Easter fundraising carnival (that I’m organizing this year), and a $65,000 arts funding application due in on the Friday before the wedding.

My friends arrived from LA with some extended family in tow on the Weds, (a couple of whom happened to be very well known US classical musicians who Toku and I formed a mutual admiration society with), so it was all go from there, with loads of other fun and raucous lesbian wedding guests staying from Friday till Tuesday.

The wife and I have quite possibly experienced more social time in the past week than in the previous 2 years of living up here lol. Tonight we are in our lazy boy chairs chilling quietly!

I’m happy to report that I managed to get my meetings done, my arts funding application on the courier in time and all of the wedding preparation done.

The flowers turned out great – they were the 4th and 5th bouquets I have done, so doing two on one day was pretty stressful! One bouquet had 34 roses plus dahlias and other assorted flowers, the other had around 20 roses plus other flowers and foliage, so they were rather time consuming. I also did a buttonhole for a father of a bride, a hair comb for one bride, flowers for the drinks/cake table, decorated the cake with roses and the candleholders & made two hanging floral art installations/ mobiles for above the bridal table. I got it all done, (with thorn stripping assistance from Toku & my mum), but then the brides had to wait 5mins for us to quickly get changed before running down the hill to the ceremony!!

It was the first same sex marriage I’ve been to since it was legalized here last year. I must admit I was both incredibly moved and jealous when they were pronounced wife and wife!

Better pictures to follow if I can get my hands on some official ones of the flowers at some stage.