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Just had word from Koha that he and K want to meet with Toku and I on Friday night at his house for a face to face talk.

So I guess that’s a step forwards. I don’t think it will be fun but it is necessary.

I predict lots of tears from me as I am so vulnerable and frustrated and at the end of my tether, plus I get so emotional about the miscarriages and wanting a child.

Toku is going to work on holding her tongue as best she can as she is exceedingly plainly spoken. As in, she doesn’t mince her words when provoked. I think she is feeling a mix of protective of me, fed up with the way K treats Koha and she just generally doesn’t like K.

I’m torn between not wanting to rock the boat and hoping it doesn’t come to any kind of major confrontation, wanting Koha to see how selfish she can be, hoping she can feel some kind of empathy for our situation and the pain we’ve already been through, and wondering if it all blows up if that’s good (as Koha might see her true colours), or bad as he might feel sorry for her and take her side.

I just have no idea how it’s gonna go.

Any great ideas or suggestions for getting through the meeting?