So we are off to the city today to meet the other donor that we were hoping to use last October but who had to pull out due to medical reasons.

We’ll find out where he’s at with all that and see if we can get him to come to a decision.

We’ve decided if he’s keen then we will probably do a semen analysis first, then counselling before all of the more expensive tests, (which will be especially so as he’s non-resident here in NZ). That way we hopefully won’t get into a situation where we’ve paid and waited months to have him potentially find issues later on.

During a phone conversation last week when he said “So what do you want to do?” (In relation to the process really.) I replied – “Have babies!” He replied – “We’ll make CUTE babies!” Only a little off the cuff comment, but one that made both Toku and I happy as it seemed that he had thought about this ending up in actual babies and what they might look like. It seems like a small thing, but we have an idea that if he goes ahead with this then he will be quite invested – and we would be really happy with that.

He’s been having a really hard time since his assault and felt real bad for us with our big let down by Koha, so likes the concept that we can surely put our negatives together and make them into something positive for all of us.

That seems just right to me.