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We experienced a nerve wracking day yesterday as we breathed deeply and hoped that MaWhero would go to his s*perm analysis (SA) test & counselling session. Actually, I didn’t do much deep breathing, I could barely get a breath in at some points I was sweating it so much.

I didn’t want to ring or txt to remind him and knew I’d provided the clinic with his cell number anyway, so just had to sit and wait it out.

I called them around 2pm and they confirmed that he’d made both appointments, (yay & phew), and said they were analyzing the sample then and would let me know.

With Koha they gave me results the same afternoon, so I spent the rest of the afternoon hoping we’d hear and wondering if we should check in with MaWhero about how the counselling had gone. But Toku (wisely) suggested we should wait and ring him today, once we had the SA results too.

This morning I had jobs to do so rang the clinic around 10.30am to check in before I had to go out. When the woman who answered the phone went to ask the lab technician, I thought I heard them in background saying they were having trouble with the results. She came back and said they’d call in the early afternoon.

I got a little angst but Toku said not to worry so I trundled off with my Dad to pick up a super cute wee 1950’s sailboat that a friend wanted to get rid off. Of course the clinic called when I was in the middle of that. So I ignored it.

Once we got the boat I went into where Toku was working and called the clinic.

What a surprise…not great news. The sample came back with a count of 21 million s*perm. WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines put 20 million at the lowest of the ‘normal range’. Toku’s brother Manaaki, (our original donor) was at 20 million. Of course our donor Koha who just pulled out ranked super high with 150 million!)

So that result is not great but it’s workable for IUI – as long as the s*perm freeze/thaw okay. (Manaaki’s wouldn’t thaw so it couldn’t be used for IUI.)

However, it’s the morphology that’s the kicker. WHO minimum standard is 5% normal morphology (& that’s a recent revision, lab manager said it was up to about 15% as a minimum standard, but they changed their opinion lately). MaWhero’s at 4% normal morphology.

Fecking, fecking, feck!

So the lab manager has suggested that he tries again in 4-6 weeks and then they can see if it was just a random bad result. They’ll make a decision/plan from there.

We are hoping that it will be a matter of him just needing to make a higher number of donations, so they have enough sample to ‘spin’ out all the duds and still bank a decent amount of good s*perm suitable for IUI.

But if that was the case I’d think they could just do that now.

I was very bummed but Toku said, (wisely – again), that her biggest fear was that they might say it was definitely no good – and then we’d be completely screwed again. At least this way there is still a good possibility that it will work out okay – we think.

Another 6 week wait and unfortunately no great news as we go into a hard weekend. Our first baby’s shoulda-been 2nd birthday is on Saturday and Mother’s Day on Sunday, with my cousin and her ‘3 under 3′ staying for the weekend. (Oh and my niece’s 2nd birthday the following Sunday for good measure!)

Give us a mutha-lovin’ break universe. Seriously.

As an attempt to cheer us all up, here’s some pics of our new little sailboat and Miss Fidel doing an inspection and signaling that she’d make a great sailor.

(Am on my phone so will have to put into a slideshow format and caption them tomorrow. It’s a 1950’s flat bottomed Dory, we are going to do up and repaint it – possibly white exterior and the interior to match the old stripes canvas (pink & grey), with varnished seats. I LOVE IT. The wife was won over when I likened it to ‘Swallows & Amazons’, one of her favourite childhood books.)